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All XP users adobe is currently supporting xp but will cease to support it soon

All windows 7 8 8.1 users please update to the latest flash player (security flaws in the older ones) 

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Our Pastor

Rev.Terry and Linda Brock have been in the ministry at Lima Missionary Baptist church for over 40 years.  Terry and Linda are blessed with Two children and  seven grandchildren.

Kindle Fire

Flash player  is installed on all kindle fire tablets. To enable, go to any web page. At bottom of kindle fire, in panel where house Icon is located, tap the half-box with 3 lines in it: this opens settings which are different from those listed when you tap settings at the top of the kindle. Scroll down to  "Flash Player". By default, it is off. Tap it. Choose "Always on" rather than "on demand". You will now see the words "always on" under the Flash Player setting. That's all there is to it.
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Yoder Road Construction

The ohio department of transportation is closing the south entrance of yoder road on 4/11/2014 for 120 days.
Exit ramps close on 4/15/2014 for 180 days

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